small claims
matter big time!

Easily unlock cash from your aged receivables through a small claims court using our cutting edge platform and automation.




The Invoice Market’s SME Cash Flow Crisis Report has found more than 40% of SMEs typically have more than 11 invoices outstanding, collectively worth an average $38,000. Extended across the economy, this amounts to a $76 billion ‘cash flow handbrake’.

When customers don’t pay on time there is a huge strain on your cash flow. You spend so much time chasing receivables and, when this is unsuccessful, your final option is wading through an unfamiliar legal process.  Starting a small legal claim is fraught with uncertainty and anxiety. Hiring a lawyer may complicate things further as legal fees could outweigh the amount of the claim.

Judgeit removes the hassle and makes your small liquidated claims simple and easy, using our cutting edge platform and automation.




Simple to Navigate

Avoid unnecessary trips to the court registry and spending hours navigating the legal system. JudgeIt walks you through the end-to-end small claims process.

No Lawyers Required

No need to incur fees which you can’t recover.
If your claim is more complex, you can request for a lawyer to assist you. 

Integrated for Convenience

Access everything you need to file a claim in one place. Integrated with Xero to access aged invoices. Integrated with ASIC for seamless validation of defendant company details.


How It Works


1. Create Your Claim

Connect to your accounting software. Choose a debtor, the aged receivable(s) you want to claim, and upload supporting documents.


2. Review, Approve & File Your Claim

JudgeIt automatically generates a compliant Statement of Liquidated Claim. Review your details, proceed to pay court filing fees and file your claim. Simple!


3. Manage Your Claim

If the defendant fails to file a defence within the time prescribed by the court rules. If the defendant fails to file a defence within 28 days, Judgeit can assist you with the preparation of your default judgment and enforcement applications. Your dashboard allows you to manage your receivables and claims all in one place.


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